Kirkus Reviews and NY Review of Books!

It has been a while since I posted and a great deal has happened. At least I see it that way.

My book has been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews. For those of you who know about Kirkus, you know that the review process is independent and you are as likely to get a bad review as a good one. So, there were some sleepless nights, serious worry, and self doubt. Though, I've got to say, the love of my family and the confidence of my friends truly bolstered me.

An excerpt from the review: "A debut poetry collection harnesses the power of the vernacular."

You can read the full review here: Kirkus Reviews -- Goodbyes Are Hellos.

Yesterday, I also received my copy of the NY Review of Books and was super happy to see my book on page 39!

To Words

I suppose this should really be on the poetry page... but I'm offering only my voice tonight. This is my latest. Feel free to tell me what you think over on my Facebook page.

My Very Own Box of Books

This greeted me this Saturday! Going to start sending them out for review and seeing about giving some to area libraries and such.

If you run into me and you want a copy, let me know. God knows, I'll have one in the car.
Otherwise, the book is now available through all of the following sources:

The Time has Come, My Friends -- Release

I'm hoping you have have been looking forward to this moment just a tenth of the amount that I have. My new book Goodbyes Are Hellos is available at Amazon as a physical book and at Smashwords for digital.

Smokeloop Press, thank you. It has been a labor of love, and I know it. Karen, you know you are the princess of "Reading" and so many of these poems. All the people I've been rallying to this point and all of you who have rallied me... Thank you. You know who you are. Luis, you honor me with your praise and teachings through the years. Thank you.

Goodbyes Are Hellos has been Delayed a Bit

For those of you who are looking forward to my little book of poetry, I'm sad to say the book has been delayed. Of course, that's a bit obvious, since the Ides of March have come and gone and... no book. Cutting to the chase, when you work with a small press, you really understand that there are people behind every single step of the process. And, the people have lives. Life is messy. That mess can stop things from happening on time, and I embrace mess. So, we are delayed.

I hope the digital version of the book will be out this month. When it is, I will post links here and on my Poetry page. Since we are talking about hope, I hope the print version will also be available this month, but that will require some finger crossing, my friends, and that is hard to do while typing.

Cheers and be good and safe and embrace the mess.


Reflection on Leonard Nimoy

I easily remember watching Star Trek on our big console TV in the living room. My father, a double E, would talk about the probability of our having phasers, how close that technology was to reality, and how we might accomplish the appropriate propulsion to land and relaunch from the surface of a planet. He was not a fan of the transporter, as you may have guessed.

Spock was such an archetype that it is difficult to think of him as a character. He was almost an embodiment of the left brain theory, until we saw him playing the Vulcan lute. His counterpoint to Bones and the Captain was an integral part of the triangle of compassion, logic, and emotion -- only with all three of these characteristics are any of us whole.

Leonard Nimoy leaves a hole inside me, in the inner space he was a part of creating. He, and the show with which he will always be connected, created a bridge between a little boy and his analytical father. Gave us something to talk about, something in common. His loss creates a small tear in the fabric of my childhood. But, that hole could not be there and felt if Nimoy had not helped explore so many worlds and helped bring so many people together.

Leonard Nimoy has left us, but what he has left us is a legacy, an undying character, and he gave me a small bridge of hope when I needed connection. All I can say, as someone you helped but never knew, is thank you and may the stars take you home.

Frugality and the Thirteen-Year-Old

I don't think this is going to be a blog about single parenthood. That is not the intention... but, well, I don't really understand parenthood. I guess I should start there. I don't think I'm unique, by the way, I'm sure you can find countless other folks saying that in different or the same words. I certainly don't understand being both father and mother to my son, but I also certainly do it. I make dinner most nights... I cheat and we eat out sometimes, probably less than three times a month. Most of the time, that is because I'm just too damn tired. His lunches are made on Sunday for the week, so I can sleepwalk through packing them and drink coffee with him as he eats breakfast at our mini table.

breakfast and dinner table

Laundry is done weekly. Beds changed, garbage out, cat box done, lawn mowed, house cleaned, new faucet put in, new pipes under the studio because they broke during a freeze, new gutters put on the garage... et cetera.

So, the other night, my boy starts asking me about the really good potatoes I've made. His words "really good." I seize the opportunity to talk to him about frugality, explaining that the potatoes come from a packet that was under a dollar and made 4 portions when mixed with 2 cups of water... Look people, I'm trying to prepare him for college. He needs to understand eating on the cheap. Oh, and like he said, they're good.

His response? "Oh, so they're like homeless people potatoes."

I bit my lip for 24 hours. But, tonight I just had to let go of the mess... I made more homeless people potatoes and was dishing them out when I began: "Anyone that tells you that being frugal or watching your money is somehow materialistic is a fool, honey. Oh, and anyone who tells you that they value people over things while they treat the objects provided for them like garbage, doesn't value the people who gave them the things... and while we're at it, anyone who tells you that money can't buy happiness doesn't understand that not having money sure as hell can make you unhappy."

"Dad, I was just thinking the potatoes were really good and probably a good, cheap meal."

"Yeah, well, frugal is good and calling them homeless people potatoes kinda bugged me, obviously."

"Yeah, I just meant they were cheap and good."

"Inexpensive, son."


Since today is my day of launch for this website...let's go with this site being my latest mess. Usually, I'll probably have something more to say... but I've spent a crazy bunch of time away from my son today and I want to correct that.

Look around, explore, I'll see about putting some kind of commenting mechanism in place... until then, you can contact me here.