I'm a little late coming to this point. Strange, since I've been marrying words and technology since I was 12 years old. My first computer was an IBM 8088 and that computer was what I wrote my undergraduate thesis on. I ramble...

I spent some quality time fighting with myself and my professors at Kent State about graphic design and the importance of technology, only to realize the fight was really internal. I didn't want to be a graphic designer. I sure didn't know what I wanted to do, but I found philosophy and embraced creativity through writing instead of design.

Currently, Austin, Texas is home. It is a unique and vibrant place, filled with music, fascinating people, surprises, darkness, and joy.


I can tell you that I've been writing since high school, but I can't tell you I've been writing well since that time. I'm fascinated with line breaks and playing the line break with or against the larger message of the poem. Lloyd Mills helped me recognize and refine this capability, encouraging me to head south to Lafayette. George Clark, Wendell Mayo, and Luis Alberto Urrea helped me find and encouraged my voice. Luis can lend even the most self conscious soul confidence.

The English department of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette is full of great people. If I should ever get the chance to pole my way back to Louisiana permanently, I should try to find a quiet place in Carencro again...


I'm sure I'm breaking all sorts of design rules and marketing rules in creating a multifunction web page and blurring my focus, messing with my SEO, and otherwise not doing it right, so be it.

When I was sixteen, I found calm in the art studio at North Olmsted High School. Specifically, I found centering, forming, and throwing clay kept me much more focused than academics. Kathy Smith, the art teacher at NOHS, helped me find the solace of clay and the freedom of Raku. Since that time, I have not had formal training. I have participated in studio time in Lafayette and Houston and have my own studio here in Austin.


My 9 to 5 is something I am lucky enough to enjoy doing. I get to live in a time where the importance of feedback and the impact of the customer voice is recognized, and I have a hand in enabling that voice. I have successfully built two vibrant technology communities focused on different sectors. I find great satisfaction in the creation of the spaces, the architecture, the building, but also the act of creating and nurturing the bridges between people.

The Mess

Just a place to share observations, thoughts, and experiences. I am raising my son, writing, traveling frequently, working, playing in the mud, and otherwise digesting life. It is often messy.